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The Listener was Ethereals first ongoing series. It stars Aditsan, a Native American Soldier in WWII and his team. During an op in China Adi inherits the ability to see and interact with the supernatural world. From Gods to Demons and Monsters.

As the story progresses, Adi finds himself in the midst of a war he didn't even know existed.


Greed was the second series Ethereal published, it follows Oz a suburban youth and his monster under the bed Kayde. Noone can see Kayde but Oz and as they're adventures get more and more perilous our young protagonist begins to question the little green monsters authenticity.

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Babes, Gore and Dinosaurs. There's a lot in a name and BGD is no exception to that rule. It follows Rikki, Maya and Eve. Rikki a retired mercenary turned

club owner. Rikki's life is a pretty chill situation working with his protege Maya until they hire a new dancer. Enter Eve, a young tank-bred saurean who may just bring more than just a pretty face to the club.


If It Hops is a Police Drama in the city of Eden, a beautiful paradise inhabited by an anthropomorphic animal society. Agent C (Carotene) is the central character in this mature series. C is drawn into a dark web of lies and deceit as bodies begin to pile up.


1990's in the United States were a wild time in the film industry and for theaters, enter Penny a young college student living at home and an avid film buff. Finding an ad in the paper for a job at a restored theater is going to draw our young heroin into the wildest nights of her life.


Swords, magic and pointy ears aplenty. Ethereal's new ongoing Fantasy series, Fallen Leaves, is here.  Ethereal team members Marcelo Salaza and David Ocampo lead the charge against all manner of fantastical monsters and beasts.

Gregbo Watson Cover F Colors by Gwen Daligault_edited.jpg


Leairis Cross has taken on colors and lines for this massive twist on a tale we all know and love. The thing is we don't know this one, any more than we know the cavernous depths of Underland itself.

This first issue introduces us to the Hatter and to Alice, two souls that couldn't be any different. The Hatter is hunting for a way to cure her husband and will stop at nothing to save him. 

Alice is pulled into a strange land by forces beyond her control and finds herself with the weight of an entire world on her shoulders.

G TRADE_edited.jpg


Ethereal Publications newest ongoing story is here, with Frog Legs. Join Bastien, a recent culinary graduate, as he opens a restaurant near his family home in the bayou of Louisiana. Our young entrepreneur may know his spices but he's never met anything as spicy as Celine, a young creole neighbor who happens to be looking for a job.

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Cretaceous: Biohazard paves a bloody trail for the start of an incredible ongoing series. Definitely a book for fans of Jurassic Park and Resident Evil.

A spec ops team descends into a research facility in the heart of South America, only to find the research they're hunting is also hunting them.

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There Be Shadows

There Be Shadows is a fantastical new vision of fairy tales you may or may not know, rest assured though Davey "Hook" Jones is about to dive into a beautiful world of ever evolving darkness.

Davey's world is flipped upside down as his grandfather passes away and he's taken to a very particular orphanage.

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My Metal Girl

Ethereals first manga is here. Brought to life by Dustin and Zie our resident mangaka. My Metal Girl follows Jin, an amateur Metal Girl builder with eyes on him. Jins grandfather was the greatest Metal Girl builder of his time and the expectations for Jin are huge. Alongside his childhood friend he'll push to achieve the highest rank in the Metal Girl League.

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